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Hello everyone! So after thinking and setting things up, it is decided that the Midomeda Auditions will start on June 5th - 16th, 2017. If you want to be audition for a role to be part of the crew, please get in contact with me about which date at which time you will like to schedule your audition in the provided timeframe. Timezones is a large thing, so when you think about when you want to have your audition, be sure to also consider my timezone as well (PST) as well as any other person that will be joining me for judging the auditions. (typically the leader of the role you want if there is a leader. Allowing them to have a say if they want you in their team or not. Not all roles have a leader right now however.) You may also audition for more than one role, but you will be expected to still submit everything that is required for each role, put more on your plate.
All pieces are to be given to me on your audition date via my email, which will be provided below. I wil
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I finally managed to draw something, this last month has been crazy, lotta work, some health and social problems that ended delaying a couple of projects, but now im back in buisness !

Now, speaking of the drawing, I tried to practice the clothing torssion effect as well as some background design and i feel pretty proud of the result

Have you got any tips oppinions or ideas ? Comment down below !

-Age : 19

-Real name : (unknown)

-Likes : Red color, coffee, dogs and guns

-Dislikes : Family related stuff, blackmail, tobbaco and tv drama

-Afraid of : Epidermic needles, alcohol, and cats (don't ask)

-Story :

.Trust was born in a regular planet, mostly like the earth, known as 'Staeri 231'

In this planet, aliens from all the galaxy traded their materials with others, both humans and aliens.

Despite the fact that the Staerians weren't very rich, they where happy and they all lived as a family, a big famiy,

but this didn't last for too long. The aliens from other planets started acting oddly, something was wrong with them.

The 26th day of the year � N­ãÖÖ everithing messed up.

A huge cargo ship fell in the most important thing of the planet, the great emerald, breaking it.

The king of Staeri thought it was an deliberated attack and he took the worst decission ever: Vengeance

He sent the whole Staerian army to attack the closest planets, this started the Semterian war.

The whole system started fighting aganist the Staerians and the king of Staeri started becoming insane.

Without trading the planet was pretty much dead, they didn't had food, so they started farming.

One day armed vigilants presented on Trust's home and without asking they took him with them, leaving his family alone.

They arrived at a militar training field, the army was recruiting young people. Trust stayed there for 2 years and one

day they were took to the comunity building, that was a huge modern facility with a lobby for all the people and advanced

laboratories in the top levels. It was took by revels 3 months ago and their work was to clean it up.

Something wasn't right, it was abandoned, there weren't any enemies but all their stuff was there, maybe they were out.

They decided to investigate the top facilities, the doors were down, everyting broken, sparking ...

There was something happening there, when they reached the top, where the astronomy complex was located. A radio sounds

in the background wit ha lot of giberish, until it says:

'Abort mission ((&%$"^^¨¨Ñ..)) last advice ((*^*¨Ç44$·)).. all units evacuate ((*Ǩ*`ç´·" )) ata(*¨*^)k imminent'

Everyone was mute, they saw a shadow covering them and as they looked to the sky, they saw a gigant spaceship.

All the military started running to the escape pods in the lab, the electronics in the lab started blowing up killing

several people. Trust made it to the pod as long with 7 other men, each one in one pod, they escaped the planet flying

into the space. They saw people running away from the place where the spaceship was.

It was pointless, a minute after Trust left the atmosphere a gigant laser comming out of the spaceship teared the planet in

pieces , killing everyone in it.

Trust was horrified, he cried for hours

After to days of wandering arround the galaxy he landed on an abandoned outpost, that became his new home.

-Specialitations: Mechanic, gun aiming and small reparations

-Others : Very quiet most of the time, he normally looks engaged but is really calm and nice (maybe a little bit crazy too)


Midromeda 2016

A little storyof my character 'Trust' for the midromeda contest

Midromeda 2016
My character sheet for the midromeda contest

Midromeda 2016


No journal entries yet.


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